Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I found this beauty at the first auction I attended. It was being used to display all the "goodies" that were being auctioned off so it went unnoticed until the end of the auction. Everyone had pretty much cleared out since they figured everything worth buying was already sold. This is the best purchase I have made to date...I bought this table for $7.50!! I was so excited.

It sat in my garage for quite a while since the weather does not seem to cooperate with me here. Once we had a few warmer days with less than hurricane force winds I got to work.

Isn't it beautiful!! I am so happy with it.It only seats four so I don't know how long it will last in my dining area but in the meantime I am in LoVe. I am scouring the internet, garage sales and actions for four tall back chairs to go with it and a round rug. Oh... I can't wait!!


  1. Those tealight holders are super cute
    and the table turned out great!! :)

  2. FYI: The IF DI had some tall barstools on Monday. 5 of them. They might have been a smidge too tall for that table though. They were $4.00 a piece.

  3. what's that line down the middle of the table? is that for a leaf? maybe you could make one & then it would seat more. I love it!!